Initial Contract
Custom itineraries are agreed upon by client and Custom Tuscany and are contracted after an initial consultation. Estimated time and cost will be given at that time, based upon the clients needs and budget. Custom itineraries requires a 6 hour minimum. Deposit (as stated below) is required, along with a signed copy of this Terms and Conditions form, before work commences.

Travel Insurance
Client is strongly encouraged to have travel cancellation, medical and emergency evacuation insurance. This insurance can be purchased at a minimal cost to the client (approximately $50-100) and addresses the medical needs of a client while abroad. Custom Tuscany provides information on travel insurance (below) but the responsibility to procure insurance lies with the client. Medical and emergency evacuation insurance is encouraged and can be purchase through Travelex Insurance Company, PO BOX 641070, Omaha , NE 68164-7070 www.travelexinsurance.com -or -enroll by phone 1-800-228-9792. Trip cancellation insurance, which can refund any deposits or pre-payments can also be purchased with the medical and emergency evacuation insurance from Travelex Insurance for an added fee.

Clients are required to have a current and valid passport to cover the entirety of their trip, not to expire within 2 weeks of return.

Air Travel
Clients are responsible for booking and purchasing their own air travel. Custom Tuscany can assist in booking all ground transportation needs.

Deposit, Payments and Cancellation Policy
A $200 non-refundable deposit for services provided by Custom Tuscany is required at the time of booking, which will be credited to the final invoice of the designed itinerary.

All bookings and payments will be made by client’s credit card for each individual service provider. Client will be made aware of specific cancellation policy and terms for each service provider. Failure to meet the terms of the cancellation policy for specific hotel, agriturismo, bed and breakfast, rental car company, museums, or tour may result in loss of deposits or payments in full, depending on time line. Trip cancellation insurance, as mentioned above, is strongly encouraged for such circumstances of bodily accident, family emergency, death or  any unforeseen trip cancellations.

Other Terms
Without limitation, Custom Tuscany is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property, death, delay, or inconvenience in connection with the provision of, or failure to provide, any goods or services occasioned by or resulting from (but not limited to) natural disaster, mechanical or other failure of means of transportation or for the failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time, or from any of the above conditions caused by companies contracted by Custom Tuscany and for any other cause beyond the direct control of Custom Tuscany.

Custom Tuscany is an agent for our service providers, all independently owned and operated. Custom Tuscany shall not be liable for any personal injury, property damage, accident, delay, inconvenience, change in service(s) or rate(s) (due to exchange rates or service provider decision), or any other irregularity due to wrongful, negligent or arbitrary acts or omission on the part of the service provider(s). By engaging Custom Tuscany and making deposits or full payment for the specified service(s), you agree to hold Custom Tuscany harmless in making arrangements on your behalf and that any claim(s) of damage(s), refund(s) or credit(s) after arrival shall be sought directly from the service provider(s).

Please print this page, sign and return with an initial $300 non-refundable deposit.

I have read the Custom Tuscany terms and conditions of and fully understand and agree to them.



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