Autumn in Tuscany: Vendemmia, Olive Harvest Zen and Off Season Bargains

Those who wait for November will enjoy low prices and the tranquility of the olive harvest. Prices for lodging and rental cars are often close to half the high season price, bargains abound!
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Got Wine?

According to an article in daily wine consumption may help women to fend off forgetfulness (cognitive benefits), boost immunity, aid in preventing bone loss, lower the risk of ovarian cancer and may reduce insulin resistance associated with type … Read more

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La Vendemmia

Travel to Tuscany in late September and early October and you may witness la vendemmia- the grape harvest. Farmers, seasonal workers, neighbors and family members can be spotted in the vineyards with boots, gloves, scissors and bright plastic tubs helping with la raccolta- the collection. The exact dates are hard to predict....
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