My Tuscan Journal

Got Wine?

According to an article in daily wine consumption may help women to fend off forgetfulness (cognitive benefits), boost immunity, aid in preventing bone loss, lower the risk of ovarian cancer and may reduce insulin resistance associated with type … Read more

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La Vendemmia

Travel to Tuscany in late September and early October and you may witness la vendemmia- the grape harvest. Farmers, seasonal workers, neighbors and family members can be spotted in the vineyards with boots, gloves, scissors and bright plastic tubs helping with la raccolta- the collection. The exact dates are hard to predict....
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Daddy-Daughter Tour de Force

As they say in Italy "La vita e breve, vive". Life is brief, live. Believers in seizing the day, off we went for two weeks.
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Zen and the Art of Packing Light

When it comes to traveling and stuff, this is where I will admit that I fall down on the job. Just like the hoarders, many of us find comfort and security in our stuff and are unable to pack light. You never know, that extra dress and matching shoes may....
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Renting a Car in Tuscany, Some Sound Advice

So what would be my one piece of sound advice be for those traveling to Tuscany? Not a hard question. I would say, rent a car. I know it’s simple, but in order to really see the countryside and smaller hill towns, you need to have wheels. The trains only go to major cities and then from there you need to take buses. Don’t waste your time! Buses are sporadic and you will miss so much of the tiny hidden treasures if you try to see Tuscany with public transport.
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Autumn Bike Touring or Racing Anyone?

For many, the favorite season may be springtime in Paris, but for me it’s autumn in Tuscany. The temperature and humidity have dropped back to a comfortable level, as have the crowds of tourists. September and October are great months … Read more

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Avoiding the Temptation to Gorge

Yes, it’s expensive to fly to Europe and it’s understandable that you want to make the most of your “once- in- a- lifetime” Italian vacation but, beware of the temptation to gorge. I once helped some friends plan a spring vacation to Italy. When I met with them, they rattled off about 15 places that they absolutely had to see.....
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Life Under a Tuscan Barn

Even though I proclaim Tuscany a Disneyland for adults;  great biking, gorgous hill towns and wine tasting around every corner, Tuscany is also a great place to bring kids.  A few summers ago, I took  my  daughter to Tuscany to … Read more

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Traveling is not for wimps

Traveling is not for wimps. This wasn’t a recent revelation, but something that I was reminded of after our fourth transfer on an eight hour train ride to the Adriatic coast of Italy. My teenage daughter Paisley, wilted in the … Read more

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