My Tuscan Journal

Italy with Teens

Give your kids the gift of joy through travel and in that, bring yourself so much more!
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Autumn in Tuscany: Vendemmia, Olive Harvest Zen and Off Season Bargains

Those who wait for November will enjoy low prices and the tranquility of the olive harvest. Prices for lodging and rental cars are often close to half the high season price, bargains abound!
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DOLOMITES: Hut to hut, a hiking heaven!

No matter the time of year, I see the Dolomites as a perfect stop over from Venice for the athletic set. It's a great three hour escape from Venice or the usual tourist stops. The Dolomites are amazing mountains that inspire athletic adventure!
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Rave reviews…. amazing clients!

Working in the travel industry has given me a great opportunity to meet many wonderful and interesting people. I am honored when I have touched someones life through my passion and knowledge of Italian travel, helping others plan their trip of a lifetime!
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Torta di Mele- Italian Apple Cake

Autumn’s harvest of insanely delicious foods are my inspiration to get back into the kitchen.  Squash, pumpkin, apples, potatoes, garlic, carrots, peppers;  delicious colors in the paintbox from which to create. This month I have tried Italian roasted vegetable zuppa, … Read more

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Traveling with Kids and Teens in Rome and Tuscany!

Traveling with kids and teens in Italy is a natural combination. Pizza, pasta, gelato, beautiful cities and wonderfully welcoming people who adore children, what’s not to love!  If you you are traveling with a baby, you will be a big … Read more

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Tuscan Culinary Artist and Farmer: Giancarlo Toso

Many Italian men that I know were schooled in their mama’s kitchen. Personally I bow down to any man that knows how to make a mean marinara sauce! One such culinary genius is Giancarlo Toso. Giancarlo (GC) is il contadino … Read more

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Not just another Tuscan Tour Operator– Heather of the Garfagnana: Anthropologist of Aesthetics

This is a new section of my blog in which I highlight the many characters of Tuscany that I have had the great pleasure to befriend. I have drunk grappa and played gin rummy with a farmer, assisted wine makers with the bottling of Brunello, learned about the healing properties of honey from a beekeeper, enjoyed stories of a punk rocker
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Dai con Forza e Coraggio- Go with Strength & Courage!

I love winter! Maybe it’s because I have the great fortune to live in a ski town that allows me so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and all it’s fabulous winter sports; alpine skiing, nordic skiing, sledding and snow … Read more

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Mumbai, Mashed Potatoes or Tuscan Truffles?

November and December are the prime months for fresh truffles (tartufo) and there’s nothing boring about that flavor. Truffles have a rich, musky, earthy, pungent and even sexy scent.
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