Torta di Mele- Italian Apple Cake

Autumn’s harvest of insanely delicious foods are my inspiration to get back into the kitchen.  Squash, pumpkin, apples, potatoes, garlic, carrots, peppers;  delicious colors in the paintbox from which to create. This month I have tried Italian roasted vegetable zuppa, … Read more

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Tuscan Culinary Artist and Farmer: Giancarlo Toso

Many Italian men that I know were schooled in their mama’s kitchen. Personally I bow down to any man that knows how to make a mean marinara sauce! One such culinary genius is Giancarlo Toso. Giancarlo (GC) is il contadino … Read more

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Not just another Tuscan Tour Operator– Heather of the Garfagnana: Anthropologist of Aesthetics

This is a new section of my blog in which I highlight the many characters of Tuscany that I have had the great pleasure to befriend. I have drunk grappa and played gin rummy with a farmer, assisted wine makers with the bottling of Brunello, learned about the healing properties of honey from a beekeeper, enjoyed stories of a punk rocker
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Mumbai, Mashed Potatoes or Tuscan Truffles?

November and December are the prime months for fresh truffles (tartufo) and there’s nothing boring about that flavor. Truffles have a rich, musky, earthy, pungent and even sexy scent.
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