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Working in the travel industry has given me a great opportunity to meet many wonderful and interesting people. I am honored when I have touched someones life through my passion and knowledge of Italian travel, helping others plan their trip of a lifetime!  I feel a great responsibility in giving my clients as much detailed information and insiders tips to make their trip seamless.  After working together, sometimes for months, I feel as if they were like family and I aspire to make their experience the very best it can possible be.

The following are testimonials by a few clients. Some of them brief and others very detailed. These people confirm my love for this work. Perhaps all my efforts brings some happiness and joy into others lives, which gives me a great sense of purpose.

These clients were a lovely couple from Quebec, whom I really enjoyed creating a super, special luxury vacation for. This castle hotel in Tuscany is on my wish list! Upon receiving their customized itinerary, they sent me an email that said, “We are really excited… We have never traveled with this amount of organization. Sad that you do not do the rest of the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.  Very cool, this made me proud since this is from a top level CEO for a major corporation in Canada! Following their three weeks in Italy, they sent me this…..”Two thumbs way up Betsy. We really enjoyed our trip… well balanced… just perfect“.  So nice!


This is an amazing testimonial by another wonderful couple from Canada that I recently helped. They have since become friends!!! I am so happy that their month in Italy was everything they dreamed.

“In May 2012, my husband and I took our first trip to Italy.  In the beginning, I started planning the trip myself, but soon found it overwhelming especially since we would be gone for a month.  So many places to see, what to see, so many websites to look at for accommodations, so many tours to book in advance to avoid long lines, etc.  Luckily, while looking for a place in Tuscany, I came across the Custom Tuscany website.  I thought perhaps this site was worth looking at since it would “customize” our stay.   I clicked on the link and our lives changed forever because our trip turned out to be the best experience we have ever had!

Our goal in Tuscany was to enjoy the countryside and live amongst the locals to genuinely experience the Tuscan way of life as much as possible.  Thus Betsy Bothe arrived in my life and our journey from start to finish was unbelievable.  My husband and I cannot say enough about the experience of working with Betsy and about the itinerary she helped us achieve and the wonderful places we stayed.  Our trip for the entire month went off without a glitch.  Each apartment or B&B we booked turned out to be excellent choices as far as location, cleanliness and all hosts/hostesses going the extra mile to make our stay memorable and easy.  

Betsy has spent a lot of time in Italy and has friends all over this wonderful country.  We were extremely happy to hear that Tuscany is one of her favourite areas and wow, she arranged an incredible apartment in a medieval  hilltop town called Castelmuzio.  Betsy knew the owners very well and promised us we would love their genuine hospitality and love of their lands in the Val d’Orcia region.  We had the best week of lives there and hope to go back some day soon.

Upon arriving in the Tuscan area, again Betsy had a good relationship with a gentleman who met us at the train station with our rental car and maps.  At the end of the week, we returned to the same train station and the gentleman met us again and we handed over the keys.  Everything Betsy arranged for us happened with ease and simplicity. The value Betsy brought to our trip became evident when we chatted with another tourist who rented a car as well in Tuscany.  He mentioned he spent hours and money trying to find the rental company, get to it, return the car and make his way back to the train station.  With Betsy’s help, it was simple!  

We also visited Rome, Venice, Florence and the Almalfi Coast.  Our accommodations in all our destinations were wonderful. In every destination, logistically, we could not have had better always close to the main sites, transportation, restaurants, shopping, etc.   When it came to tours, such as the Vatican, Borghese Gallery, Academia, Uffizi Gallery, etc Betsy had prearranged all of these for us which eliminated waiting in long line ups.  The day we visit the Vatican, the line up was over 2.5 hours long.  But not for us, thanks to Betsy.  For every tour she booked, it was easy to find our way as Betsy always provided detailed travel tips, directions and name and contact number where ever possible.  

Transportation throughout Italy was also prearranged by Betsy.  Every train ticket was bought and again the whole train experience went wonderfully with no hiccups.  Betsy detailed the station we should be at in each of our destinations and what time we should be there prior to boarding the trains.  Train travel was the way to go throughout Italy.  We only rented a car in Tuscany.  

All of this planning took a number of weeks via email and Skype with Betsy.  In the end, two weeks before our trip, all our information arrived by courier at our home.  We are in Ottawa Canada and Betsy is in Utah, USA.  My husband and I were blown away by what we received.  For each destination, Betsy had prepared a soft covered binder with all the pertinent information and tour tickets inside. Our itinerary was in the front of each booklet, all color coded. The names, contact numbers, location, transportation to all our apartments, hotels and B&Bs was completely mapped out. In addition, Betsy recommend and included names of restaurants she frequents and other sites she felt we might enjoy.  She truly went out of her way to to make our trip memorable. We were truly amazed with the effort that Betsy put forth to ensure we had a fabulous trip.  

I could go on and on about this trip and thanks to Betsy how wonderful it was.  I have since recommended Betsy to some friends and they loved her service as well.   Betsy and I still talk via email and I hope to maintain a friendship with her for years to come.  I would love to travel with Betsy on one of her biking tours thru Tuscany some day.  She has invited me to join her some fall and go olive picking in Tuscany. This is on my bucket list!  

Lastly, many of us try to do way too much when we tour Europe.  Again thanks to Betsy’s knowledge of Italy, she helped us to slow down the pace so that we could truly enjoy the Italian way of life.  She left days open for enjoying outdoor cafes, drinking great wine, and just walking around at our leisure.  I hope this information is helpful in helping you decide whether or not to try Betsy’s expert services.  You can always start with a phone call.  Once you speak with her you will be hooked because of her friendly way and her knowledge of Italy.   Oh and one last thing, Betsy has a few cell phones from Italy that she loans out at no charge, which came in handy many times.

Thank you Betsy once again for the best trip ever.  We can never truly express our sincere gratitude to you.”  —Warmest regards and best wishes, Linda & David , Ottawa, Ontario Canada

THANK YOU CANADA! I have been very fortunate to work with you all and hope to come to Canada someday! ~Betsy

This fall a friend took her grown children and their significant others to Tuscany.  Some wanted to cycle, but all wanted to enjoy the wine, cuisine and culture. I tried to give them a balance of activities to please all. Below is her take on Tuscany and how she brought together many diverse opinions, but all enjoyed the beauty of the place… creating lasting memories for her family.

“Embarking on a journey with seven distinct characters is reserved for the adventurous.  Surrendering control, a good sense of humor, and an intrepid spirit must be part of the packing list. And, Betsy, of Custom Tuscany must be your first phone call.

Betsy embraces Tuscany; the language, the culture, the landscape, the people, the food, and the wine.  Her passion and exuberance is contagious.  We benefited greatly by tapping into her wealth of knowledge of so many areas of Tuscany.

Betsy met with us several times to determine our ideal trip and genuinely cared to plan an experience that would meet everyone’s desires.   She asked pertinent questions and was sensitive to the varying ages, abilities and interests of our group.

Her organized travel itinerary was both thorough and thoughtful. For each day we were there, she provided notes and maps according to the area we were to visit.  Her suggestions and contacts were well researched, reputable and knowledgeable.  

Tuscany is hardly a single vacation.  The area subtly lures you in and warmly envelops you.  We shall return.  Cycling more roads, savoring more cheese, tasting more wine. Tuscany beckons further exploration.  Betsy will be our first phone call. Grazie Mille, dear friend!

Again, I feel very lucky to help others create lasting memories. Tuscany is truly a special place that you and your loved ones will not soon forget. Let me know if I can help you create a custom itinerary for those you care most about in la bella Italia. Contact me at info@customtuscany.com

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