Avoiding the Temptation to Gorge

Yes, it’s expensive to fly to Europe and it’s understandable that you want to make the most of your “once- in- a- lifetime” Italian vacation but, beware of the temptation to gorge. I once helped some friends plan a spring vacation to Italy. When I met with them, they rattled off about 15 places that they absolutely had to see….. “Ohhhh we want to see Rome and of course Florence, Siena, San Gimanganano, Pisa, Milan, Venice and  Cinque Terra, we heard that is really nice!”   “Ohhh… we can’t miss Lake Como and we absolutely want to hike the Dolomites!” You get the picture. My head was reeling with images of autostrada overload. They would see more of their rental car’s interior than Italy itself. Since they only had two weeks, they felt like they better see it all, since they may never get back to Italy again.

In my opinion, if you make travel a priority, you will get back to Italy, you will find a way, this is not an impossibility.  You will fall in love with the beauty, art, architecture, food and people and you will be compelled to return.  More importantly, what kind of quality experience will you have if you are rushing around in your rental car or multiple trains, only able to spend one night in each location? Believe me, this scenario is not pretty. Someone is bound to get seasick on such a speedy voyage and it will not end well.

I too, have made this horrible rookie mistake.  A girlfriend and I wanted to see southern Italy, the boot, Calabria and Pulgia, of coarse, “we can’t miss the heel while we’re down there.” We picked up a rental car in Rome (doh!) and proceeded south on what is left of the A-1. That spring, amazing rains created mudslides, which took out  much of the road. Full sections of the autostrada…gone! Four lanes became one lane driving and I had not expected how mountainous southern Italy truly is. Suffice to say we tried to drive too far and made it to less than half of our ‘planned’ destinations.  When we did get south, we vowed to fly down next time and take on smaller sections of the coast to really enjoy Calabria’s beauty. About Pulgia, we never made it. That will have to be an entirely different vacation. So many excellent reasons to return!

My recommendation is to avoid the urge to gorge at the banquet. Yes, that desert table looks mighty tempting and since it’s there…. shouldn’t you just sample a bit of everything? Have some restraint, perhaps enjoying a bit of the very best is a healthier approach, especially when it comes to traveling.

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