Customized Independent Travel:

Creating customized itineraries for your family or group…..

Traveling without direction was great when you were in college on a summer Eurorail pass. As we grow wiser, we know that our travel time is limited. Excellent advice and research can go a long way in making a good experience become a great one. Don’t leave you dream vacation to chance. Custom Tuscany’s travel specialists take the guess work out of your travel planning. We have the expert knowledge of experienced travelers and local partners that will help you to find the treasure of Tuscany, eliminating the chance of wasting any of your precious vacation hours.

What is your dream? The choices are endless:

  • Tuscan Wine Tasting Tours
  • Bicycle Tours and Bike Route Planning in Tuscany
  • Tuscan Garden Tours
  • Walking or Hiking in Tuscany
  • Tuscany Yoga Retreats
  • Tuscan Gourmet Cooking Classes
  • Car or Vespa rentals in Tuscany
  • Airport transfers into Rome, Florence and Pisa
  • Rome hotel and apartment reservations
  • Tuscan Agriturimos (farmhouses), B & B  or hotel reservations
  • Hot Air Ballooning in Tuscany
  • Personal City Tours of Rome, Siena, Florence,  and more
  • Cultural Tours of Tuscany
  • Custom Gourmet Food Tours of Tuscany
  • Tuscan Thermal Spa Retreats
  • Tuscan Hill Town Tours
  • Art, Church and Artisan Tours of Tuscany
  • Sea Kayaking in Tuscany
  • Mountain Biking in Tuscany

How we can we help you:

Blind research and guess work can lead many wasted hours and often ending in experiences below your expectations. We give you the best options available for your budget and desires by working closely with a member of your party to design the ideal itinerary for your group. We put you in contact with the locals to be sure that you experience what is is to be fully immersed in the culture, becoming a friend and not a tourist.

Allow our team of experts and local guides help you plan your ideal Tuscan vacation. We will prepare a personal, customized itinerary to ensure that you spend your valuable time doing exactly what you have always dreamed of. Enjoy the beauty and flavor of the Tuscany with activities that you most want to do; be it biking, gourmet cooking, walking, eating, exploring hill towns, riding a vespa through the countryside or sipping a glass of wine at an outdoor cafe. Whatever your budget or dream, we help you to narrow it down and personalize your travel experience to the finest of moments, creating incredible memories.


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